Rebuttal to INRA French scientists

A bit of science, a lot of bad faith

To fend off bans threatening force-feeding, the French foie gras industry has commissioned scientific publications aimed at denying that it is detrimental to the birds' welfare.

These studies are now presented by foie gras lobbyists in various countries as a scientific proof that force-feeding is harmless. In the USA for instance, the Artisan Farmers Alliance site states that "the most detailed scientific study of foie gras farming was published in June 2004 in the World's Poultry Science Journal" and that it concluded that foie gras is a "non-pathological and non-harmful product".

A 270-page book published in France in November 2006 sheds light on the financial conflicts of interest behind these studies.

It also exposes the scientific fallacies behind the reassuring conclusions of French INRA scientists whose most studies were funded by the foie gras industry.

An English summary (7-page PDF 600K) presents the main findings of this book.

This summary includes articles (in English) from France's most prestigious newspapers, Le Monde and Le Figaro, on the conflicts of interest behind the INRA foie gras studies.

For more information about the book L'INRA au secours du foie gras (in French).