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L214 reveals an investigation on the production of “luxury” foie gras

Footage from August 2013 inside 6 force-feeding farms under contract with Ernest Soulard, which supplies renowned and star-awarded restaurants (5')

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Foie gras du Sud-Ouest : a visit in typical French foie gras farms

Filmed in 2012 in South-West France.

Foie gras du Sud-Ouest, enquête de L214

Force-feeding farm supplying Labeyrie

Filmed in 2012 in South-West France,in a force-feeding farm supplying major brand Labeyrie. (3 minutes, 2012).

Foie gras du Sud-Ouest, enquête de L214

The following videos are all available on our DVD

  • Discover French foie gras
    • November 2004
    • 3 mn

    An amazing parody of foie gras advertising, highlighting the insane cruelty that goes into the production of this disgusting food, and using real footage from French foie gras farms.
    Download (2 Mb or 8 Mb).

  • Foie gras, force feeding under scrutiny
    • December 2004
    • 15 mn

    In France, over 87% of ducks and geese used to produce foie gras are trapped in cages on huge factory farms, and force fed twice a day. Far from the industry's reassuring propaganda, the footage shot by stop-foie-gras.com documents the most insane treatment of sentient animals: regular culling of female ducklings at birth, contention of millions of birds in individual battery cages, pneumatic force feeding resulting in appalling health conditions and increased mortality rates.
    Download (91 Mb).

  • Equality, a music video clip by Tribunal Animal.
    • December 2004
    • 2 mn

    « You suffer, I suffer for you, I don’t want you to suffer because of me » is the simple message of this song by Tribunal Animal, using footage from French foie gras farms and from the French Veggie Pride parade : an annual protest organised every year in Paris by vegetarian activists to oppose meat consumption.

  • Other videos

  • Force-fed to death
    • November 2005
    • 5 mn

    In July 2004, force feeding of birds for foie gras production was banned by the Californian Parliament. In this video released by APRL and PETA, Roger Moore (early James Bond actor) tells the terrible truth behind foie gras production. The video was presented during the debates which led to the ban of foie gras in the city of Chicago.

  • Force-feeding in Israel
    • June 2001
    • 6 mn

    In August 2003, the Supreme Court of Israel banned foie gras production and condemned force feeding of animals. This powerful video testimony documents the brutality of force feeding, and was released during the campaign which led to the Court’s decision. The voice over is in Hebrew, but the footage speaks for itself.

  • Foie gras : plus jamais ça !
    • 1993
    • 6 mn

    Released by the Belgian animal rights group Gaia, this film without comment shows ducks being force fed in pens, then in cages with a hydraulic force feeding pump engine. The video documents the birds’ attempts to escape their fate as the farmer appears, before they are caught crammed back into their cages. The video also compares the size of a healthy liver with that of a force fed bird.