DVD : a French foie gras investigation

The Stop Gavage films and video clips come together on a new DVD which you can buy online.

The in-depth documentary "Force feeding under scrutiny" and the "Discover French foie gras" video clip feature in english, along with "Equality", a video clip from the Tribunal Animal project.

DVD sleeve

DVD sleeve. Click on the picture to enlarge (JPG format, 433 Kb).


Far from the industry’s reassuring propaganda, the footage shot by Stop Gavage and PMAF (CIWF France) documents the most insane treatment of sentient animals : regular culling of female ducklings at birth, contention of millions of birds in individual battery cages, pneumatic force feeding resulting in appalling health conditions and increased mortality rates.

The DVD features:

  1. Le gavage en question (15 min, in French)
  2. Découvrez le foie gras IGP (Identification Géographique Protégée) (3 min, in French)
  3. Le foie gras Picard, la qualité qui refroidit l'appétit (3 min, in French)
  4. Force feeding under scrutiny (15 min, in English)
  5. Discover French foie gras (3 min, in English)
  6. "Equality", by Tribunal Animal (3 min, in English)


The DVD costs 5 € (approximately 5 US $), including shipping fees to any country.

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