“No Glamour in Foie Gras”, says French fashion designer Lolita Lempicka

Foie gras du Périgord

In a brand new investigation video, Lolita Lempicka explains why she refuses to buy foie gras: “There’s a huge disconnect with the image of foie gras—the holiday celebrations, partying, champagne with friends, tasting something we see as delicious. But this so-called treat is all about suffering. It’s considered a glamorous food. But there’s no glamour in foie gras; there’s just horror.”

Lempicka is urging the public to view the new video footage L214 released today. The footage was filmed in November 2014 in three farms located in the renowned gastronomic area known as the Perigord Noir. Far from large industrial factory farms, these small producers sell directly to the public and in local markets. And yet the footage underscores the violence of force-feeding: we see one farmer curse a goose who puts up a fight against being force-fed. Animals are also restrained in a small cages that are the standard in large-scale industrial practices.

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Pictures of farm 1

Pictures of farm 2

Pictures of farm 3